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Buy Local, Burn Local

Forest Pests

Insects and diseases can hide in your firewood. Moving untreated firewood, even just a few kilometres to or from a campground or a cottage, is a common way for forest pests to spread. Once transported into new areas, these pests can become established and damage local trees. It’s important that we work together to stop the spread of forest pests and protect our trees.


Buy Local Burn Local

You can help protect our forests. Follow these steps to help prevent the spread of forest pests:

Buy It Local

  • Buy firewood at or near your destination to ensure that you are not introducing insects or diseases.

Burn It Local

  • If you accidentally brought any non-local firewood with you, use it first and burn it completely. It’s always safest to burn local firewood only!

Leave It Local

  • If you have firewood left over from your stay, leave it behind for the next visitor. Avoid transporting firewood long distances.