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Don't Let it Loose

Getting rid of a pet or plant?

You should never release your plants or animals into the outdoors. Firstly, most pets don’t survive in the wild – some are killed by predators or hit by cars, others die of starvation. It is inhumane to release an animal into an environment it is not accustomed to. Additionally, some exotic pets that are able to survive and reproduce can take over their new habitat, reducing native populations and changing the ecosystem. Even if your pet or plant is known to be native to the local environment, it should still never be released, as it may introduce new diseases or parasites.


Don't Let It Loose

Be a responsible pet owner and never release your plants and animals into the outdoors. What you can do instead:


  • Contact the place where you purchased the pet or plant and see if they will take it back.


  • Contact your local shelter to see if they can find the animal a new home.


  • Dry and freeze unwanted aquarium plants and dispose of them in the garbage.

Be Kind

  • If all else fails, have a qualified veterinarian euthanize the animal in a humane manner; it’s far kinder than letting it starve to death outdoors or destroying the homes of native animals and plants.